What are scammers and why women from Russia seek foreigners.

This article we decided to dedicate cases of fraud on the web-resources devoted to personal connections. How much is such thing dangerous for you; how to prevent it? Such questions answer thousands of people; all kinds of online business (where revolve money) include certain risks in the form of Internet fraud. Here we will talk about the scams Internet Dating and marriage agencies all over the world. We think there is only one definition of this phenomenon.
Scams use different types of girls' appearance and portraits to involve men into a finance trap
Here it is: “A swindler wants to get one’s money or fraudulently to obtain the view of accommodation (i.e. green card) by any way. Doing this a deceiver uses misinformation, direct deception and immediate emotional blackmail”. Being in search of a Russian woman you have to consider many situations in which you can lose your money. To control the situation you should start right at the beginning of your search, from your first acquaintance and up to the moment of the beginning of arrival procedure for your girl.

Please, extreme caution wanting to send any money on (as you think) reliable services. Never try to send money to any people or organizations that you don’t know personally. In all these cases, you may come across an organization seeking to deceive you so that you pay them twice the established rates. More badly when such organizations or even some private people begin to offer you paying for “clean air” i. e. they simply cheat.

In this case, paying money mail order or from your credit card very good money for their services, you will not get anything at all! Such trouble can happen also with your girlfriend which all the time will be there (in Russia) until she come to your country finally. Keep in mind that your fiancee will have also to deal with the official requests, although it can be absolutely new beginning completely unknown for her. You should know that in Russia there are a lot of people waiting that someone will give them “help”. These scammers will start to promise your bride something almost impossible and she can believe them to draw up all the papers and things “faster” and “much cheaper”.
Scams use different types of girls' appearance and portraits to involve men into a finance trap
By agreeing to use their “special assistance” which of course costs a lot of money she’ll incur great financial losses and (of course) will not receive any help. Extremely “popular service” of such fraudulent organizations is formalization of so-called “magic visa” from which she can (as they claim) to come to the USA without problems. You need to clearly understand that within the Russian Federation there is no organization able to provide your girl’s visit to the USA. Such a thing can make ONLY official Embassy or consular Section of this country.

Here is one of actual cases of fraud: one of our clients had paid a large sum of money hiring a professional photographer. He wanted to post his photo on the site of the Russian marriage agency (it doesn’t exist today already). He waited a long time but his photos were not published there. He was frequently associated with this dating service but they completely denied receiving any money or photos. As it turned out the man who was to place photos on the website hadn’t even been working there! Similar things may happen today with your familiar or friend.

Do advice all your friends that calling to any dating agency (sending money by post or documents by e-mail) to be sure this agency is fully reliable. Remember that these are only some variation of numerous cases of fraud in which you can get. Such cases happen in Russia almost every day. Before we tell you more about the previously mentioned financial machinations you need to give some explanations concerning some fundamental facts. These facts will be very useful to know.

Why dozens beautiful Russian girls seek for foreign brides.

This question is in the world of Russian women dating sounds the most often. They are defined because the fact of this leads many to certain suspicions. We want to provide you with reference information that you should know. Here are some important numbers:
• The population of the Russian Federation is at least 140 million people.
• Of these people around 100 million people are between 16 and 65 years.
• In addition, in these 100 million 58% are men and 52% are women. As we see in the present age category there’re more men in Russia than women.
• Among people over 65 on the contrary, women predominate.
• The age of Russian men (on average) is 58 years!
• The Russian population’s main part lives in large cities and their immediate surroundings.
Now let’s look why Russian girls want to meet foreigners.

Why Russian lady “hunt” for foreigners.

This question is rather difficult and there are several answers on it:
In that country the fact that girls are married very young is a part of the culture. Many of them have been already married at the age of 18, but most of them find their love from 18 to 23. Also common practice is having 1 or 2 children. Russian girl who is still not married at the age of 25 is usually considered strange or “slightly sick”. Given these circumstances many young girls from Russia begin to “hunt” for husbands very early. They just afraid of being old maids, afraid to become too old and lonely and they will have no more opportunities to find a suitable husband.

This determines the fact that many their women have time to put away young (compared with women in Western countries). However, it’s true a divorced girl in Russia is not considered as a good start for searching another man; that’s connected with the peculiarities of Russian culture. The concept of “cohabitation” is often impossible in culture of that country. This means that when two young men decided to live together they must first get married. That’s why Russian ladies seek men for possible marriage. For them when cohabitation being officially married or engaged to be married is very important historically. You should know and really respect it.

Do not even try to convince Russian girl that “to live together” means “to marry”. More often in the Russian Federation these things are not equal. However, there is another reason. It’s that in our days the youth of Russia is starting gradually to change “outdated” cultural practices. Young men have to think about their career that lays aside the decision about marriage. Namely this fact is the reason that young lady start to search “somewhere else” just because they are afraid to choose “somebody wrongサ. They are afraid that a man will not be ready for marriage. That’s why young girls in that country aim to hurry with searching of “a real man”.
Russian ladies prefer foreign men. Men from abroad as usual don't drink alkohol, have job and good earnings
Another very important aspect is that many of their men have no regular work, good earnings and future. Consequently, many start drinking which causes of early mortality (see the figures above). For Russian ladies this version of the future is totally unacceptable. Speaking of a certain age category (for example Russian women of 30-45 years) we can confidently say they literally doomed to be alone. Note that in Russia there is almost no men looking for “old” women of this age group. By our standards it may seem silly, but (unfortunately) it’s the absolute truth.

A very important reason is that many Russian ladies have lost faith in the economic wellbeing of their country although their economy gradually recovers. And yet (according to a Russian lady opinion) the situation is developing terribly slowly. Note that these women mostly have higher education; they are hard-working and configured to use their received education to build a successful career in the economically prosperous country. To achieve this purpose Russia needs to take a long way, but their women don’t have much time. They can be easily understood, because of people get old and finding a life partner gets harder…

And the last reason of Russian girls’ looking for foreigners consists in combining all of the above circumstances. Just know the sooth: they are looking for a trusting foreign husband because of economic problems in their native country.

What exactly Russian women are looking for.

To answer this question let’s consider the two main variations:
• Girl with good manners.
• Girls which (consciously or not) can disappoint you.
Girl with good manners:
In general, these Russian ladies want to meet a trusting, reliable man who will respect them and who lives an ordinary life. For dating the acceptable level of income is very important for the Russian girl because of she hopes that her husband would be support their family at a sufficiently high level. We often use the word “normal” in order to emphasize that women of this type are not looking for specifically rich men. These girls just don’t need 3 cars, several houses or a private yacht.

Of course, they don’t need also a man who loves drinking or drugs; they don’t need people who don’t have and will never have any financial means for the maintenance of his family. They needn’t also just lazy people; moreover they do NOT NEED one-time adventures. May be you will be surprising that Russian girls sometimes write too specific requirements. Actually the answer is simple. For example, you met a nice girl. What will she do about you first? Of course, she’ll want to know you better: what kind of a man you are, how do you earn your living, your hobby, how do you clean your house and iron your shirts (and this is natural).

Admit that for a Russian girl this task is much more complicated because she’s too far and knows about you only what you’ve write about yourself. In her turn, she also cannot know too much about you because she lives far away and (if it comes USA) absolutely cannot arrive to your place for looking at your lifestyle. This is the main reason why Russian ladies ask about it many times; if they don’t ask then you need to tell them of it yourself. The answers to these questions are very important to girls from Russia, as they seek to create for themselves a truthful image of the man with whom they want to connect their life.
Some women from dating sites can disappoint you by their aims to get green card to USA, some girls are seeking elder men for easy money
Girls which (consciously or not) can disappoint you:
You should know that (unfortunately) there’s a certain group (usually young) Russian lady looking for just a green card for travelling to the United States or another developed state. Most of those women very rarely recognize the impossibility of carrying out their plans. If you are well versed in people’s manners you will easily identify such women. These ladies are not going absolutely to wait for months to see you (they absolutely don’t care about your lifestyle or what kind of person you are). Additionally, these girls are not against the difference in the age of about 20 and even 30 years. As a rule, such people never talk about deep feelings and personal interests; do not hope on receiving answers to personal questions from them.

In practice such girls often write falsely, saying they love you, simultaneously insisting on money and emigration topics. They’re often report that truly want coming to your country “for living there”, while the sincere girls usually write that go “for living with you”. No, these ladies are not necessarily cheaters; simply they are so young that don’t realize the full range of human relations and the fact that most of relations with a large age difference are seldom successful. We encourage you to be extremely careful because these girls can represent certain danger, causing you to lose self-control.

Agree that the 21-year-old beautiful young lady can truly get to lose the 45-year-old man’s head from Western country. If such happens to you, ask yourself why namely this too young for you woman draws you so much? Find answers for yourself, ask her about it; try to understand her exact thoughts about this fact. You can consult with friends or relatives about it, and it’s quite possible these people can give you the strength to keep your mind cool.

No, we do not insist that everything is bad: in many cases the 20-30 year difference is not a hindrance if people are experiencing sincere feelings. Although to be honest in the interviews many Russian women the most often prefer to create a family with men of their age category. But it’s also true that Russian ladies are not against a reasonable difference. As one woman had told her husband is older than her on whole 10 years, but they have never had any problems with it. Do NOT forget also that there are notable differences between women and men in 20-40 and 35-55. The optimal yield will be keeping this difference in reasonable limits, since you need still woman for life but not “a daughter”.

The real crooks and criminals.

Now you need to learn about people working in groups. Such real crooks do not work alone. They are extremely convincing so that you believe they’ll be a perfect wives. In fact, such “women” are very often “men” but not real women, although sometimes scammers are real women also. Here is one of the true life stories: one day a man who went to his girl to Ukraine after her invitation (although the exact story could happen in Russia).

In Ukraine the girl found an apartment for him (some “friends” had helped), decided and other vital issues for him. After all, this man was shown by many fake (and very expensive) bills; he was asked to pay for them. When that man didn’t want to pay so insane amount of money she began to blackmail him. She began to threaten him that will report to the police if he doesn’t pay the bills in time. Of course, that man had no choice because he didn’t know the exact quantity of fraudsters involved in the dishonesty and he realized that he had no chances to resist them…

How to recognize a scam for sure.

Below we’ll give you some indications for their successful identification. Here are the main criteria by which you can determine such people:
• The girl writes to you first
• The woman who’s writing to you is too young for you
• She writes what a wonderful is your country and how well to live there; she doesn’t tell you how great it would be together.
• Your lady in the first letters begins to write “I want to come to your place there” instead of writing “come to Russia”; she can write that already loves you strongly and doesn’t want to wait that long to formalize a visit to your country.
• She writes about her dream to relax together on the beaches of your country and doesn’t want “to live in terrible cold of Russia”.
• The girl in all ways aspires to visit you, but know that she’ll come not to you; she just needs your help in emigration.
• Your lady doesn’t write about herself and her personal life in details.
• You can never get from her the actual post addresses or phone number (things which can easily be checked).
• The girl begins to write about her financial problems (for example, that a visa and tickets are very expensive, that she has not enough money on them or that her family lives a wealthy life, etc.).
• She asks you for money for coming to your place; your “internet-lady” reports that the local travel agencies she could help her; she can write that has no money to pay for Internet and other such things.
• The girl writes impersonal letters except declarations of love which uses as “heavy artillery” and her “the main weapon”.
Be careful when the woman ask you about money at the first time. Keep in mind money issue is the main sign of deception
Keep in mind that:
Separated signs do not mean that you are dealing with a scammer. For a precise definition a swindler it’s needed a combination of at least 3 signs after which you should better to get more cautious. In any case, the money issue is the main sign of deception; if your lady asks you for money or persistently takes the initiative to talk about finances it’s the most important sign of rough fraud.

Whether to become discouraged and stop looking for Russian ladies.

No, you shouldn’t be completely disappointed; the above just a few examples of possible fraud are described. In CIS countries there are many good and honest people, scammers are only a minority (less than 0.5%) of all Russian women trying to seek for new western partner. You shouldn’t become a paranoid, many things you can do by yourself to avoid potential fraud. Doing everything correctly you’ll not lose lots of money. Be always positive; do not expect that everywhere the meanness and deception are waiting for you.

Remember that many Russian ladies are afraid such things too. Agree that not only Russian girls try to deceive men; many western girls do the same things because many Western men are looking for one-time adventures with girls, falling on their deception. Of course, nobody can give 100% guarantee of safeness when dating on the Internet; however, basing on our recommendations you might take certain precautions for protection you from scams and fraud.

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  1. Ron

    The reasons stated in this article «Why Russian ladys «hunt» for foreigners» are good and reasonable. Most ladies come to marriage agencies with the hope to find a loving husband abroad. Why not to try? There is nothing bad here. But the men can be asked the same question, why they «hunt» for ladies abroad 🙂 Everybody just wants to be happy and all methods are good for achieving the aim.

  2. CordSmuon

    Scam again…I’m already tired to repeat it’s all scam and fraud. Any intelligent person won’t be looking for a partner online. I don’t believe that the ladies are real, I don’t believe in honesty of their intentions as well as of men’s intentions. Men and women play games and spend free time in such a way.

  3. Sean

    I’ve got a friend who is married to a Ukrainian lady. They met on an online dating site several years ago and have a kid already. They both are in their forties now. So not only young ladies seek for love, but mature women too.

  4. Sean

    Age doesn’t matter. People should follow their hearts when looking for a beloved person. Age, appearance, social status don’t mean anything. If it’s your person, you just feel it. And the country where he or she comes from is not important at all.

  5. Scott

    Women from Ukraine and Russia simply wish to have a better life. They wish to leave their countries and begin a new life with a new partner in a new country. It’s a normal wish of any normal person. It’s not right to blame them for that. The life standard in Ukraine and Russia is really not that high.

  6. Horny

    About age gap. If the lady you are corresponding with is much younger than you are, you should discuss this question at the very beginning of the correspondence. I agree that it’s really hard to believe that a 20-year-old girl can fall in love with an elderly man 🙂 Let’s be realistic. Everybody wants to be happy, but there must always be some limits 🙂


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