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I must confess that I’m fond of such things like hanging around with networks and dating websites just for easy communication. And, what is more, I am really happy to use modern technology our century gives us. I my country we are free to use such kind of services, I mean we cannot say that it’s embarrassing.
Firstly, you do not have any reason to be confused with the distance problems. Internet gives you more that comfortable dating, and perfect choice of course.
Secondly, I must admit, I like beautiful ladies sooooo much! I cannot dare imagine if my future wife is less than the most beautiful creature I dreamed about.

Family-oriented women from the leading dating site desire to meet their men for strong relationships

Now. About age difference.

Most of Ukrainian or Russian women much younger single foreigners dating with them on matchmaking servicesA man like me, usually wants to have younger woman next to him. Actually that the nature needs: he is a defender, strong and careful and she is young, tender, an object of care and attention. Such a good aim to create a real family with health children!
So my notice: Russian or Ukrainian women are considered to be much younger on dating websites we look through. Is it possible for men from Western Europe or the US to be with a woman much younger?
Young women need strong and careful men-defendersSeveral years ago you could find such recommendations like to have no more than 5 or 6 years age difference with the lady. That will give you the chances of the evident success. Nowadays most powerful dating services with good reputation, like UaDreams agency, do confirm the good and sincere intentions of their young ladies. So what to choose: a young lady or an elder woman? I made my own collusion as to this subject. One girl I was communicating with for a long time was very young, like a child of impulsive behavior, acted under emotional excitement. Speaking about her sensuality – I can say that she was not ready for stable relationship with me, her life experience is not enough to estimate my position lets say of a noble, adult and matured man. But as for any woman with the age similar to mine – that can be harder due to her life experience that gave her bad impression, probably its difficult for them to trust to men again. So, its up to you and your sincere communication. I should admit fidelity is a magic: once you talk about your sincere wishes, the opposite side accepts your action just to be intelligent, opened and ready for a normal life.

Professional photos.

To be sure your women's photo are real and matches to your beloved — ask her about sending personal photosThis is a separate issue to be distinguished. Of course a good, marvelous and professional picture makes the necessary impression: have a look on this lady, she is fresh and beautiful, but it seems like unnatural or, probably, that is a fake? I have to add its easy to check – you may ask your lady to send you her private photo, and, by the way, you will be impressed by her natural appearance. Ukrainian and Russian ladies have always been famous for their genetically predisposed talent to save their beauty.


Speaking about English language level – well, I was wonder if a lady does not speak English at all – how come we will keep communicating? But here is the explanation from UaDreams staff.

You see, they used to have a lot of clients from all parts of the world. Therefore the priority is English language, of course. But as for language level for ladies on the website – some of them could speak English less fluently than others, small part knows it quite well. Of course, they do have more chances to communicate. Anyway, you should understand that it won’t be sincere for both parties to give priority to those ladies who speak quite good! You need to give a chance to create a couple to each Ukrainian lady. So if to distinguish all ladies with perfect skills of foreign language – what about the others? It will be unfair.

Well, yes, to my mind each Ukrainian woman has her own character, beauty and delicate mind and be sure that language is not a particular barricade to find your beloved one.


I have to add this issue as an important point, because some women who are already mother keep looking for a father for they kid on such websites, as much as a husband.
Children change our life at once: we become kind to each other, as well as feel numerous duties and big responsibility. And what I like most in women – those ladies who have children on UaDreams – they do intend to create a real family, to care of each member, to take her role of a good mother.
There are many ladies with children on Uadreams who are ready to create strong and happy family with single strangers


You can say, that dating websites its like a job for a young lady to extract money from noble men pretending being interested in stable relationship. I understand, of course what do you mean.Uadreams dating agency prevents dating scams before it could be happenThis point touched me much and I was speaking with the head manager, they do screen all the ladies on the site and fight with fraud and scam. When ladies decide to join the agency, they are interviewed, their passports are checked and their lives are monitored on a regular basis. If managers think or have even some tiny doubts that Lady is not sincere – they reject applications.
Ladies are real on the site! You can be sure about it. If you don’t believe – do like me, check this by asking your lady to send you a recent picture or order a phone talk through the agency with your lady or video conference.


Indeed I have to encourage men to come here as a lot of them are afraid of making this final step and keep writing ladies for years. And when ladies get tired of endless letters without a meeting and leave the website, only then some men take a risk and travel to Ukraine. But sometimes it happens too late..
OK, people, go ahead and trip with UaDreams, it is safe. Plus you bring adventures to your everyday life.
Secure trips to Ukraine via Uadreams — the best way to meet real beautiful Ukrainian bride

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  1. Steve

    UaDreams follows antiscam program, but they don’t let their customers exchange contact infromation before first meeting in Ukraine. And if you wish to send flowers to your lady, you should order a bouquet on the site and they will deliver it to the lady (and even make a picture if you wish!). I think these rules are great as the agency proves their care about both ladies and men.

  2. Dennis

    Hey, lots of information you people are ready to read on internet resources, however you have all this rubbish to filter out. I don’t have any special purpose to post my words like a benefit for UaDreams. It seems like this agency is completely defenseless in dating business. There is no way to be good for everyone. There always will be some people dissatisfied either with service or you can find something not to like 🙂

    I must tell you about my trip honestly with pluses and minuses. When I came to Rovno to find my dream, I was desperate with my doubts (I read much about scam and fraud cases). My heart was once broken and I could dare thing that such can happen one more time. I was afraid till to death. So, about minuses – I do not like the weather in Ukraine, its a kind of severe climate and wet, Rovno is not so big city but sometimes I though I had not many funny things to do. But the staff impressed me much – they took care about me night and day and even found a quest for me to get my entertainment! About the Lady. She was real. And she was completely the same as she looked on her photos and on web -image. Haha) You won’t believe but thats true, I mean about the beauty of Ukrainian women, charming and simply amazing. About language. I was more that satisfied with the good job of my interpreter. Fast, professional and friendly. About money. Pricing is really good including politeness, perfect and effective work of many people (buying tickets, booking apartments, driver, restaurants, cellphone-connection, etc.). I have no suggestion – these people from know what they do.

  3. Tony

    I’ve been using this site since 2013. First, I didn’t believe in possibility to find serious relations here,as I am 52 already, but wanted just spend some time talking to nice ladies which I saw here. And maybe it was a joke of destiny but I really found here my soulmate.

    From the beginning we were talking like friends and I had no hope that she will ever be interested in me as she was 16 years younger. But then I noticed that her intentions to find a husband here were real. And our friendship grew up in mutual interest in each other.

    Everything became clear last year after our first meeting in September 2014. We understood that we were looking here the same things: lifepartner, understanding, family values and, ofcourse, love. Since then our relations were developing faster and faster and we had some more meetings.

    Now we are planning a wedding in 2 months. The only unsolved question we have is where we are going to live after wedding, as I really liked Ukraine during the visiting. And I think my future wife will feel herself better living in her native country.
    so now I am very glad now that I was not right when thought that I don’t have already chance to have family happiness. Thank you, UaDreams and all those people who helped me to meet my destiny here.

  4. Andreas

    Hit me with the best review of the most powerful agency in the world! Still have plenty of thoughts about dating online and the biggest problem I have I’m still there. It’s like the soft spot: the more you use the more you like.

  5. Bradd.H

    I don’t see any contacts to Uadreams ex customers who seemed to be happy with the results. Their match is successful but I come across the illusion that may be, I see no proof or any wedding documents or anything. So I submit that they are scams completely, they do not have anything to please potential customers to make them to believe. Honestly the international dating company if it is truthful and reliable is able to represent several thousands marriages per year. But except of that they need to provide confirmation documents about legal wedding act. That would be useful for reputation and for all men and women who want to register on Uadreams. Or probable it’s better to post phone numbers or emails of customers who are satisfied, cuz testimonials give nothing, I don’t believe them. Events should be authentic, we need to know about how it is going on matchmaking Ukrainian platform. By the way, they should give women contact right before buying trip to Ukraine and that fee they take for the translation..what a crap..

  6. L. lee5

    Haha that made me funny! Not many agencies give contacts just while you texting to each other, that keeps you safe from scammers you know. What’s the reason to pay money then, huh? Are you kiddin? I know that perfectly well, if you give your private contact to someone you know just a couple of hours, give a few hours and they will create a terrified drama with sophisticated financial description and sure there is no one in the world except you who cannot help!
    Else.. I’ve never seen a man who does want his email or phone number to be published! This is ridiculous, you even did not indicated any other website that does do that! You see, this is about confidence and personal security, you may ask anyone and each American citizen knows how dangerous today post ANY of your personal information. Think about! If you are afraid of scam, be aware of a fraud you may turn someone to. Getting rid of curious future members and posting such info you give a green light to deceivers and fraudsters who are ready to get a piece of pie!

  7. TeddyBear

    Perfect match needs time. A time to work on your body and mind. This is not a problem of someone’s policy, this isn’t even someone’s business. This is only a problem of each person but separately. I don’t care about this or that man, moreover I know that even weddings taken place in real life with law papers and all do have the end after some time. You can match each other or you don’t, or it’s up to each member of the unit, you should work on the problems, both of you together.

  8. Diego S.

    I like to get interested in a female, I mean to search for something in common. If I find something, we talk a lot, I know definitely she is not fake, thereafter we go on with our talks. I like video chats, I see a girl, she is real. Again I emphasize, I do want to look for any confirmation that I communicate with real person, not a robot or a staff of the agency. That’s why I’m interested to pay money, at least I have many to compare with free sites filled with complete scam profiles. Remember: as a rule free sites give the same scheme, profiles contain minimum info but lots of photos stolen from internet, you start with a letter or visit for one page, they know you entered and next minute you’ll be attacked and hooked up with scams. Be careful with free sites.

  9. Y. Vayo

    A few words for those who are completely unsatisfied: you may leave. You tried, failed so quit. There’s nothing for others to say or to advise. Each man has his head on shoulders so I think there is no need to send specific hitting “arguments” against this or that agency. Being frustrated, you up to send lots of negative and the last would be blown to others. This is not good.

  10. Mario G.

    I’m embarrassed with the age difference. I’m 57 and I see that many young girls stuck on me but I don’t think they are honest to me, I feel like the scams is trying to reach me but I manage to escape))

  11. Master J.J.

    I’ve tried Anastasia and Brides, but this is not for me. Hooked up. Whenever I planned my arrival Lena and Alla (my ex-gfriends) were hiding by the reason of being hardly f.. busy. Every time, underline this. I’m trying not to blame agencies as they just give a shelter to females but this wasn’t good for me. I stopped communicating with them and removed my profile from those systems.
    I think online dating is careful issue to be reconsidered and analyzed hundreds of times, you know.

  12. DadKoyot

    Approximately 1 from 8 young ladies do really understand what I type in English. It seems to me while I’m typing they put my phrases into online translators but it gives terrific result. I’m tired of constant language misunderstanding((

  13. FunnyBunny

    Get rid of that stuff! All dating sites in Ukraine and Russia are scams. They have managers working and enticing men for registration, to up the rates and to use services.

  14. K.L.

    What’s that use of membership fee? I don’t really see the financial profit as well. Probably scammers get time to improve their texting and luring skills.
    You paid but as a rule you have fixed quality of girls, and I think they post the same girls with high rate but not according to interest, I mean by popularity. So after one month of communicating with them I understood that they do talk with several men at once, supposedly they make a choice.

  15. Jay-T.

    Don’t kid yourself. You are a monster of an oratory however this is the last advice to give. I think men need to have some particular advices. As for me, I simply try to pay attention into details while talk with any woman. I like to ask specific questions to come back to them next time. I adore to notice if they pick my idea up. I like to lead a conversation and to see the reaction, that’s why I agree with those men who like video rather than texting.

  16. Murat B.

    I can’t stand on female beauty.. and the problem is that Ukrainian beauty is much more dangerous.. Uff. I am Turkish and my religion can’t accept distrust from the first sight. Whenever I speak with someone I begin to trust to this person, I believe what he or she is saying and I am desperate when scammers get use of me..

  17. Garry W

    My perfect rule: never send money! I swear I would never send a dollar to a girl with the most dramatic image on a webcam, maybe I’m too cruel but I hope I made a reasonable resolution. This would keep me in safe, I don’t wanna suffer from dating scam, regular stupid and devastating. Do not make pernicious actions! Otherwise you would blame only yourself somewhere in the corner of your apartment, of course you would blame agency or any free site you stuck on some sweet lady. But who knew? No one was pulling you into this love affair, you’re so smart and educated. Scams bombing the internet with the brightest manipulations but you still are the silliest in this world.

  18. MynnieBeca

    This is hard to rely on the third party. But I understand they have all details and in case I need them I would use them. They fix everything in their system and they can give me any screenshots of each letter if required. Technical support is non-free but they do their job and for me is important to receive the facts and helping hand in abusing situations. If my lady wants to use me for extracting money, I would have agency’s assistance, I’m sure. At least if they are legal, I have a right to request such details or investigations. I’m happy that conversations like this help us to find the way out. I guess dating business is still on the top as men and women need that.


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