Some scam issues uadreams members can experience

Is There Any Undue Suspision In Uadreams?

Good day to you all! If you wish to be lucky, you have to find us before you got scammed on one international dating website or whatever.
So let’s get through all truth and gossips around scam dating websites today. Probably you are talking to the girl right now who seemed to be very good and you cannot dare think that she can be real as so perfect she is, a dream of your life. Nevertheless like Max, one of members of dating website UaDreams referred to us for clarification. He cannot understand why his lady moves so fast on their relationship as usual Ukrainian women used to keep the time for knowing a person better. That’s is the letter of Nata to Max:

“My Dear,

I hope you are goo today. Why I’m thinking so, I had a dream tonight about me and you, and we were walking on the deepest wood through the moonlight and suddenly I’ve heard or it just seemed to me that someone was breathing deeply and hard (probably an animal), I was really afraid and you hold me very closely! You told that you won’t give me to anyone that I am yours totally and completely. Afterwards I saw the owl, that was her who frightened me but that defended and close feeling of your hold I remember till now. May be you’ll come and hold me closely? May be as soon as possible? That would be wonderful like in very romantic movie.. Miss you already and waiting impatiently for your answer.

Yours, Nata”

Before I give any comments to this letter I would like you to read the next one, let me inadvertently sort them into one type and lately you’ll understand why. Thus it will be more convenient for me to give any response.

“My Dear,
Probably my letter would be more than unusual for you to understand but I have something in the bottom of my heart to share. I cannot hold it too long as our relationship was unusual for me, actually this is the first time I met a man online I communicate with him long period of time. Baby I think all if it does not feel right I think. I think we were inspired by our desperate loneliness and just wanted someone to be with, anyone it doesn’t matter. So I think we just passed our loneliness by, we recovered and probably it is better to separate and give our own way. Indeed we have lot of in common but I think every day that it is not enough, just my intuition gives me a sign. Tell me please what do you think about that, dear? Looking forward to your letter back asap.

This letter was directed to a man named Arthuro.

Basically I want to mention that I received two those letters passed me by Max and Arthuro with a difference of 2 weeks. But I thought they are of the same subject. Normally there are hundreds of articles online magazines observe about what mentally Ukrainian girls are. So they are not indifferent as many men abroad can think. They are very sensitive and sometimes their feelings are out of balance and they begin to doubt a lot. All of that was the reason of disconfidence, self-nonstability, impressionability and open mindedness. As a matter of fact such behavior experienced changes only after Ukrainian men dominated in all aspects. What I mean – they are less more than a half! They are pampered with womens’ attitude and attention and they are convinced in future, they are able to wait, to choose, to sort out the best woman for marriage and posterity.

Thus, it is necessary to say like Uadreams gives the definition of such lady’s behavior: give a feel confident about the future to a woman and she will love you till the end of your life. And as soon as possible you make convinced in this reality, she will gift you with trust and sincerity. But now she will doubt and think about such decision of making everything too fast not to lose you or to wait, maybe you are not the destiny of her life and she is wasting a time. In both cases we need our men to resolve the situation by their wish to keep relationship stable. Uadreams applies you to listen to your woman and not to look for any scam notice in each letter.

You know, sometimes it is almost impossible to find truthful information regarding dating website and their specific influence to the communicative audience. Indeed this is quite a phsychological aspect of being involved into internet society and having completely different two separate worlds: online and offline. Thus, great part of internet-users believes that thay would be lucky to find so-really-mad person on some dating website that someone in a cafe, who still does not appreciate the possibilities of online dating life.

Here you can find some issues regarding modern dating life of international agency Uadreams. It is one of the most famous in Ukraine, that is why we decided to get some place to speak about. Our small investigation is based on several reviews we had from different forums and feed backs of members or ex-members who gave their agreement to publish their stories.

Tunger was a member of Uadreams for a year or so, he was satisfied with the correspondence service however there was one issue he shared with us. He had been communicating with the lady Ivanna for half a year but still only by letters. In fact he bought unlimited pack of letters and was happy to talk freely. He confessed that he was hestitating about changing his regular way of communication into next stage – video chat. He is shy but the desire to see Ivanna and to notice her moves, jestures and emotions made the decisive role and he bought 30 minutes of time. First of all he pointed the time appropriate for him and the time difference between Ukraine and Germany was 1 hour onlly. So there wasn’t any prpblem with arranging and planning the session. They both discussed the tuesday 5 pm and Tunger was ready the right evening to connect with Ivanna. He followed instructions and connected to the video chat room, but only for two minutes, he was upset for every five minutes the connection failed. He checked his internet at home and webcam settings but that didn’t help at all. Finally they managed to talk for about 25 minutes and this time run out.

The very day Tunger sent a specific letter to uadreams support with indicating the problem and he wanted to know if it was possbile to return money for the terrible video chat session. So how did the story end? To his surprise, Tunger received extra minutes for the technical problems with the video chat. Right the same day the technical team was testing applications and still there were some difficulties with Android devices, that is why Tunger experienced barriers during his conversations. And what is more, members support center returned the waisted minutes, gave extra minutes as bonuses and apologized for this inconvenience. Indeed Tunger was surprized by the fact of immediate reaction as he used to receive some delays or rejection to understand any problem he eliminated to support. Well, yes. Here in Ukraine he tried several websites and he used to have a notion about local support services as well as staff politeness.

In addition we need to say that it is better for everyone who starts his video chat talking proceed with proper checking of compatibility of devices and programs, webcam settings and follow the instructions properly. Besides there is special information bar on the website how to proceed video chat with specific points. Moreover you will be offered free video chat test as well. You are able to use it 5 days a week.

Nowadays as we have known about all the upgrades you may use mobile apps for each platform regularly and with the perfect image and text window.

Referring to the topic above we have one letter from Maris D.


Hi everyone! I hope you have a nice day there or night!
My question is simple:
Why the pause between my phrase and the answer of my girl is so big sometimes? For example I put a question and wait for 1 minute instead. I think if this is a video chat I need to receive the reply immediately.
Hope to get a fast feed back. Regards,


It is necessary to mention that usually video chat session is simultaneous translation what you text to each other. Translator is to be connected to the program and to the messenger so he needs the original of the phrase, then he sends back the translation so that girl puts that to the text window. As you can guess sometimes if a phrase is complex, consists of several sentences, you need to be patient as this time a lady receives the correct translation. Don’t forget about the point that translator makes the lady’s response translation as well. So if you do not want to wait you can divide your complex phrase into several parts and put them into texting window by turn.

One interesting message is from Paul, he was excited with the journey to Poltava, and told us how successful it was. Inspite of his health problems he mamaged to come to Ukraine. Actually his visit was planned for April and he asked trip manager to book the ticket, then he confirmed his accomodation for 5 days. Suddenly his health problems changed everything and he ought to stay at home for recovery. Indeed he needed to postpone his arrival but he was afraid to cancel everything and Natalie (his girlfriend who was waiting for him) to be desperate. But trip manager when being informed about such an emergency rebooked flight tickets and accomodation (thanks to her fast actions it wasn’t too late up to the date of non-return). So that was a real surprise for him and great luck to save his trip.

We can say that it is always good to inform about such an urgent situations as earlier as possible. It is better to replace the whole plan than cancel. You see, in case this is a great job of uadreams team, we know this is time which is precious. If we mean business, we should never let such extra situations happen and probably that it is better to reject such wishes of members. But Uadreams is a company where people is more important than money, that is why we must admit that being sincere with transparent policy whole staff cares about people who desire to meet at least! Can you imagine if someone cannot afford regular comming but trying to gather all his spendings just to see finally the person you have been communicating so long!


Fox Ti was our old friend who gave us lots of situations to speak about. And we appreciate this much. Indeed there are not so many people who agree to confess about their dating online profiles. However that was about 5 years ago, nowadays increasing of the quantity of dating website users wonders us, that is why we can say if a person is registered on such a website – he respects himself, he respects his time and the time of another person. Each minute is precious.

So let’s go back to our dear Fox Ti, he told us about his friend who decided just to have fun and just to communicate with several ladies. He was astonished and embarassed with the stream of their greeting letters, they almost rushed to send him this first letter with some photos attached. Hopefully the friend of Fox Ti required his profile to be removed from the system, and, of course he was asked why. One support center manager questionaired him a lot and even tried to make him reconsider. At least he was removed and never turned back to this website. So Fox is really interested why it is so? Why so many single beautiful girls cover fresh users with their invitation to be their beloved?

We decided to ask Uadreams about such situation if they are typical and what is the tendency.

We were explained that according to their policy all ladies are really single and we mean not so young ladies of the age of 18 but we mean those ones after 30 divorced, mothers with two children and so and so forth. That is why ALL ladies are family-oriented and intend to find beloved person and not to be alone, they are smart and educated but still Ukraine has some provileges for men: there are two many women and men have greatest choice and pampered with attention of beauty creatures.

Speaking about another side, we were mentioned about foreign men who were married but registered as single, kept their correspondence with ladies and gave them hope, but they never came. Thus as a result ladies being desperate, loose their belief and hope for the good future, they stop accept men as their partner who really wants family and maybe you may wonder by their detachment and indifference as a result of such communication and bad experience. These case leave bad impression and influence to the future relationship seriously. Uadreams cares about their male and female members at the same time, their reputation and security is important.

Uadreams warns their members about scam.

You know definitely that love is for free! So what I’m paying for? – you may ask if you see that dating membership on a website rather expensive for you. Indeed you may run about the numorous dating websites with free membership and services but you cannot dare think how many scammers are ready to have you as their potential victim!

Speaking about scam cases on dating websites where the services are non-free, according to statistics, they are 3 times less than on regular free websites. Don’t yell full of happiness as still there are male and female members who care about money taking out of other people. That is why one of the new aspect of Uadreams policy for now is Anti-scam department, the staff gets their position – which is new one – due to permanent risk of valued members being scammed and tricked.

Scammers use every simple way to attack: free letters, online translators, beautiful photos of unknown girls, phrases patters, financial help asking system and so and so forth. So be aware about easy communication with someone and her or his insisting on immediate meeting – such signs need your special attention.

Is there any hope for our dating online successful future?

Dating website have terms and conditions and usually the policy is transparent. Indeed agencies do a huge job for testing different schemes of avoiding scam cases. One of the most important maneuvre – immediate reaction to any complain. Specific investigation should be provided as well with several specialists involved into communication with customer and a lady in separate way. First of all – to verify scam information, secondly – to investigate, thirdly – to find guilty and to make conclusions.

Uadreams had several cases as well when they were forced to block scammers and remove them from the system.

If you are interested in specific features of scam, please read the information below:

  • professional pictures of sweet ladies can be stolen, so verify them
  • if you use free services, be careful when your interlocutor uses phases-cliches with the information from your profile
  • scammers used to share about their intimate life and some personal problems very fast and are easy to be questionnaired about, they also would ask you about yours
  • a person whom you communicate with would easily ask for money help on the base of his problems mentioned before, so probably this would be suspicious. As for you – you will be about to offer such a help from your side, anyway we do not recommed to send any money trasfer to someone you have never seen
  • relates to the mentioned above – you will not have any possibility to have your money back – think about it carefully before making the transfer
  • online translators on free dating websites are really dangerous thing – language specifity will never be properly translated automatically, so be careful is you notice lots of mistakes and misunderstandings – probably you are communicating with a scammer
  • you may never meet your interlocutor in real life as he or she will postpone your date.

If you are smart noble adult man you should understand that first of all you observe the website you use: lots of advertisement, hard-using interface, language mistakes, simple profiles system – all that would tell you that this website was made by scammers, it is one of the million of similar once.

Design is simple but each system needs technical support that is why adverstisement would be very much appreciated. And if you try websites with payments for the services you will see greatest difference of friendly-using websites with guides, video chat programs easily compatible with your mobile and regular support that gives you guarantee what you pay for.

Non-Free websites: what are they?

If we mean letters communication – here you will be pleased with the time and quality such service is provided in Your letter is to be translated to the lady, then her reply is translated to you. So you pay for one letter but get’s the second one for free.

If you use video chat, translator works simultaneously and the translation speed is less than 1 minute! The image window is wide and confortable according to the screen size. If your internet conection and speed is really good – you won’t experience any difficulties, however if you do – you can stop your conversation not to waist your time and ask support center for a help. As a rule there is free video chat test and technical specialists will check your settings on a distant program if something goes wrong or you will receive special detailed instructions how to use the program.

The veriety of services in Uadreams is really good. As our familiar member Fox Ti mentioned, he liked the idea of exchanging option: the system offers to echange one service you have into another you don’t have. That is why yuou are ready for each way of communication if you want to have it suddenly when online.

Except all advantages such websites as Uadreams have you will be offered personal assistance for the trip. This is not a privilege, this is a part of the whole package of services. You pay money, you receive good services. You will be offered not only to buy tickets but to book appartments, transportation from the airport, driver and to organize the local walking scheme with guide or interpreter. Dental tourism is as well an option of Uadreams list of services.

What Uadreams Has To Fight With Scam?

Anti-Scam Department is the stucture that appeared recently due to scam and fraud problems on dating business. These issues are really important and often frighten members from registering. Many members consider that there is no other way to avoid scam than stop being a member of dating websites. This is a tendency we noticed during last two years: people escape. But still being desperate to find other half try their destiny on different strange and dangerous websites.

So Uadreams gives the chances how to secure youself from scammers:

  • All documents of ladies are verified properly, as well as their marital status and profiles in social networks. If there is any problems with the documents – this lady won’t be registered.
    Monthly monitoring of each lady (whole profile checking)
  • Agency does not recommend to exchange private information like phone numbers, home address, email adress or bank card numbers as there is no guarantee that lady (or scam artist or whoever he is) can extract money from you using third source that is not under our control. In this case we can do nothing to help you with that.
  • Forward all your scam notices or complains to Support Center, they will assist you properly and urgently
  • Staff gets regular checking of their job posisiton. Uadreams doesn’t keep non-professional people.

Any advice for single men?

We cannot force you to pay if you mean what website to choose. But remember: no one will give you proper services for free, this is impossible. You cannot have numorous staff without paying a salary, you cannot have a certified agency with real address, names, telephones, for more than 10 years in Ukraine that tricks people. This is quite impossible if a scam system can survive in one place.

In fact Uadreams cares about their reputation – the team is interested in people who get the result and ready to give positive feed back. Moreover ex-members would be happy to share their good experience with others and recommend this agency as the best one to their friends. So what is the profit in making scam or easy money on lonely people for international agency with long business history? Supposedly, you should reconsider if you think that men who leave negative reviews about Uadreams scamming dicourage others to join the agency.

Sure some extraordinary situations may happen, and no one can be 100% sure about the safety however it’s up to you and – don’t forget Members Support Center is ready to assist you with advices, react urgently and help you with all your concerns.

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  1. Git

    Hello guys, I actually do not know if I can find someone to reply me but I’ll try to be specific in my subject. I saw the article you wrote and this is my point. I know what scam looks like, I know that it has non-beautiful face but ugly face, and if you see some beauty with wisdom – that can be strange for you and a signal that something is wrong with this website. I was a member of some scam sites or just bad experience sites in Elenas Models and my belief got low just for the time I tried Uadreams. Here I met real girls, I can talk to them and even just be friends. Even while Ukraine has war actions still we are people sometimes lonely who need special attention and care.

  2. DaveTheKing

    Ok, Git, I read your point and decided to reply to your marvelous phrase. Ha. Sometimes I think people are blind OR they do not want to see the reality. If for example talk to scammer but she is lovely with her manner tender and sweet you will keep communicating with her until something bad will happen. BUt you like this moment of short happiness, the tale. I’ve been to Ukraine many times. I do not believe to young woman, they are not interested in me but my money. So as I see you are a member still?

  3. Git

    Yep. I’m satisfied. Indeed I know what you mean but I am confident in all my doings and I can divide virtual world from real. Thanks for your care anyway. Hope you’ll have quite different point of view soon.

  4. Maroni Back

    All that a big scam, you know. I don’t believe that still it is possible to find someone really good for living. It’s hard, it’s better going out with someone after small talk in the bar. Im done!

  5. Git

    Oh, just look at you!.. What a pity. If you keep searching you’ll find. Besides, I’m not wasting my money. Uadreams is for free to register and bonuses to try. So there is no one to push you to do smth. That depends.

  6. DaveTheKing

    Wow. I’m impressed. Git. You are real defender! Do they pay some money for you to be in?
    Supposedly you have a serious platform to be positive.

  7. Git

    I have no profit being here actually. That’s your choice to believe me or just to drop everyone to the bottom. That’s not the case if you did not have a luck so everyone should suffer as well. If you do not believe me, just try, if still you hesitate. In all cases you won’t lose anything and you can say Good Bye, bastards, I was wrong. But if you like the result – you may say – Sorry, Git. You were right!)

  8. Memet

    I’ve tried Anastasiadate and ElenasModels. Now I’m trying Uadreams. I don’t like many time to spend to register. I like when its easy and almost automatically from social networks. But i can accept that they need to verify me to be real man as my girl I am dating on the site told me that there are many men scammers too. What do you know about that?

  9. Harry

    Easy. They ask for personal info and apply you for facebook or other social site. It’s like – it would be easier to contact me personally (like, babe, I don’t want to spend money at all, we can do that for free)

  10. Cammy Shoo

    All right. I think I must tell you something. You can speak via skype but who on earth will translate you properly? Is that normal to read the sentence in infinitives all the time? As clear as mud! And what he hell, sorry for my nasty words, but I can’t stand – those hundreds mistakes!

  11. Yummy

    Blabla.. Crap

  12. Cammy Shoo

    Maybe, but I did not mind until lost my patience) Harry, are you on the Uadreams website today?

  13. Harry

    I’m there for 6 months or more. Actually my work made me busy a lot. But I’m going to moderate my schedule soon and try some video chats:) Thanks for asking)

  14. Starina

    Well, guys. Some of them probably need my explanation. I think I am the only one who cares about some bot who’re writing here things to make all performance of the website in a perfect way. Well paid they do their job, they post some good things and receive feedbacks. It’s really appreciated by many innocent users who still are not tricked by scammers. Still wasting your money on non-free websites and waiting for your destiny. How come. You won’t seen her for ages! Use your head or get it checked properly.

  15. Git

    Starina, are you a member of Uadreams or have you ever tried? Briefly.

  16. Starina

    Nope. And I will never and do not recommend to anyone.

  17. Git

    That’s really strange. What’s the guarantee that you are not the bot you mentioned, having your salary to conquer with other agencies? Your accusations are suspicious and are not based on some real facts except slender.
    You have any alternative I suppose? Maybe some free dating sites verify their ladies profiles, check their status on social networks as well. My role is giving some advices to people who need this. If you don’t need you can pass my message by or close your eyes and do not read. But! What I am going to say is.. I know many cases when ladies were afraid to be on free websites due to men maniacs and sex-tourists. Come across the world and you’ll manage to see that men used to have love and sex for free and they try to play games on women’s trust. So what the fence they have for a defense? My small poetry for you haha)

  18. Cammy Shoo

    Agree. Actually I cannot tell you that I have already found my love online and may be I’ll meet her somewhere out of the internet – who knows but now, really my time makes me bad things – I have no free time to spend it for going out. I like everything to be in order. I like my letters to be sent on time and translated properly. I like to be notified on some important thing about video chat or website design or anything about my lady. I like if I get responses for what I questioned the staff. And I really like urgent feed back of support. My last word is – i respect my time and I have my head on my shoulders so I use my brain for distinguishing playing games somewhere and detecting scammers on dating websites. I see that Uadreams has many young sweet faces – so I just do not choose them for my aim, I like women aged 30 and above, so I get my category, I get matured talks and serious responses of mother having children, life experienced and smart woman, those conversations are not about nothing but about everything important in life. I really hope that something good is left on this dating field and keep in mind that your brain used properly will give you signs to stop or to go ahead and run forward to meet your happiness.

  19. Luke

    Hi there. Id like to tell you that being confused with lots of scam cases I couldnt dare think about registering on
    And I was completely lost with information about taking money out from customers and all that staff. A friend of mine gave me the advice to try UaDreams agency and I got an idea to register as the membership is free. So immediately Ive got some letters form girls this was strange haha and I asked about that in a letter which was free)) Girls replied that they are single and saw my profile in recent profiles, well and interested in me. Then I tried paid services though they are expensive for me I like the professional point in that. I am completely satisfied with translation and video chat arranging as I like to talk much, translators do their job quickly. My girl Anna is from Poltava and Im planning to visit her this summer. I hope manages will assist me properly. Cause my friend used to travel around Ukraine many times and told me about UaDreams guys who helped him with doing that.

  20. Gregg

    Scam! No way of ever knowing a lady for real unless you pay to chat and visit through them!
    Do not get fooled by this. Dating sites are set up for two people to be able to find each other and then after a certain amount of communication then you can both feel comfortable with each other and then should be able to exchange personal details and take a relationship further. However UADreams will never ever allow you to exchange personal details unless you go over to visit. But then the only way you can arrange to visit the lady is by having to book the trip through them because if you was to do this by yourself then as you have no personal details you will never be able to arrange anything with the lady. The site is very professional but this is why many men will be fooled into paying more and more to the site and at the end of it all never find any relationship unless you continue to give them more money. Any real dating agency will match two people and then it is yourselves who will take and make the relationship serious if that is what both party want but when UADreams does not allow any involvement that does not involve you paying in money to them and so you will never find the lady of your dreams on here. After paying hundreds of Euros or Dollars you would expect to know a lady and both know if you want a relationship but as not ever being able to exchange personal details is a joke. And any man who would just go out and book a trip through UADreams whithout having first been able to have personal details exchanged should know that they are not going to have or get the serious relationship they are looking for. It is a scam and you will never be with the lady you imagine you have shared all the communication with!


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