Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for uadreams-scams:

  • We care about each our client, we don’t sell neither use our customer’s personal information for any other profits.
  • Besides we really hope you foster our website innovations as we care about safety and guarantee even of all payment operations. As you can guess we aimed to make evey our client satisfied. As it goes to our clients’ attitude and our reputation as well.
  • Regular login records contain information about visits and statistics useful for the operation of our website. You should not worry, it is used only for internal purposes. Moreover, we intend such data to be removed from time to time.
  • You may ask about cookies, many websites store them with personal web preferences, like, for example, visiting uadreams very often. This allow you to login to some of our options, features or even post comments much easier through our system.
  • Remember, such information like ISP, IP address, browser you use (Firefox or Chrome or other) or Adobe flash player might be used for geographical advertising purposes or to display every advert related to pages on the website.
  • Do not worry, it does not contain your personal information, it is just connected to adverts you proceed and that gives you the ability to opt-out.
  • Sometimes we receive different requests to contact others on the website personally, to have their e-mail or phone number, etc. By no means we give these data, we use WP and comments and replies on site only. You have to be sure, you personal information will never be given to anyone else without your confirmation.

We are proud of the highest level of our server and firewalls security. All privacy is guarded safely. We monitor all activities on the website as well. What is more, we are looking forward to receiving feedback from our customers with suggestions, opinions or complains regarding private policy and we will try our best to fix and adjust any noticed errors from our side.

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