How to Avoid Online Dating Scams

Nowadays it is natural to look for a companion or love on the Internet. Millions of Americans do it visiting dating websites in the hope of finding a soul mate. The problem is that these sites are also visited by criminals who seek to deprive lonely people of their money.

These criminals also browse social networks and chat rooms hunting for vulnerable romantic victims. They usually introduce themselves as Americans and say that they are either working or traveling abroad, which is not true. They choose divorced and widowed women as their targets, mainly over 40, though every age and demographic group is running the risk of being scammed.

Romance frauds send you fake photos of different girls, try to communicate with you by e-mailThe scam scheme is the following. Someone contacts you online. This person can e-mail a photo to you or there is a profile which you can look at. When forming a connection, those scammers have great patience. They may chat with you for months. They know that you will be highly pleased to get flowers and gifts so they send them to you. When your new friend feels that he has aroused trust in you, he is sure to turn to you for money alleging different hardships.

If you send money, make no doubt more requests will follow. You may be also asked to send a package to him or to cash a check for him because he is abroad and can’t do it himself.
Dating frauds can ask you to send them money, to cash a check or to pay for a package of giftsWhat does it mean? What happened? The criminals made use of your personal information on the dating site or social networks. The photos you got were most probably borrowed from other sites and the profiles were created specifically for you.

Not only do you lose your money to a stranger who will hardly ever visit you, but also you cash fraud checks thus participating in money laundering. The package you sent may be stolen merchandise.

Scams share links to the social websites where you see your personal correspondence and informationAnother variant of dating scams connected with extortion works like this. You meet someone on a dating site. Then this person asks you to continue the conversation on a social media site. Little by little your talk will become intimate. Soon you will get a link that will take you to a site where not only the conversations are posted, but also photos with phone numbers declaring them “cheaters”. Of course, you will want to have the information removed, but be ready to pay some money, assume $99.

Such crimes are dealt with by local authorities, though more serious cases connected with large losses of money or where organized criminal groups are involved are investigated by the FBI or other federal agencies.

If you have suffered from an online scam, including a dating scam, go to which is the Internet Crime Complaint Center and file your complaint.

The complaints are analyzed and compared to find common threads and link them together, which helps figure out the offenders, and then they are forwarded to the law-enforcement agencies.
We have collected some pieces of advice that will prevent you from joining the ranks of those people who have already become victims of online dating scams.

How to Figure Out an Online Dating Scammer

Here is determination of scam schemes. It will help you to recognise cheats before you will be scammedRest assured that he or she is interested not in you but in your money if this “date”:

Insists on communicating through personal e-mail or something like that but not through the dating site where you met;

• Says that he or she is an American working or traveling in a faraway country;

• The photograph sent to you looks like the one in a glamour magazine;

• Constantly claims to have feelings for you;

• Intends to meet you in person but then some tragic event interferes with these plans;

Asks for money pleading one of the following reasons ‒ visas or other documents, travel or medical emergencies, hospital bills for a relative, hotel bills, financial losses, crime victimization, etc.

But one way to secure against these criminals is to use the services of dating websites which enjoy good reputations.

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  1. Joe

    I think all online dating agencies are scam. The ladies are scammers, they are not interested in finding love, they want only money from rich silly men!

    Young ladies cannot fall in love with old men, are you kidding me? I don’t believe in it.

  2. Jeff

    Well, I must disagree with your comment. I have been using the services of several dating agencies for almost two years already. And I seem to have found my beloved one with UaDreams, she is definitely not a scammer, she is a lady who is really looking for happiness and love. I hope everything will work out for us and she will move to my country. But I do understand your concerns, nobody can guarantee that you won’t be scammed. But I took my chance and don’t regret it. Now I can recommend UaDreams to all single male friends of mine 🙂

  3. Bob

    I think men should be really careful while corresponding with the ladies on such sites. Follow the recommendations how to figure out an online dating scammer and of course choose the agencies with good reputation. I wish you all good luck in searching for a second half!

  4. Kevin

    I’ve never been a member of UaDreams, but from what I’ve heard the ladies there are not scammers, they are really sincere and are looking forward to find a loving husband abroad. Now I’m starting to think over what matchmaking agency to choose and maybe I will turn my attention to UaDreams. Who knows maybe my love is waiting for me there and I will be lucky to find my perfect match.

  5. Patrick

    That is all scam and the ladies are scammers!!! It’s fraud, just a good way to extract money from desperate lonely men!


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