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What you think of talking with anyone online? Are you experiencing any risk? Are you sure with the presence of your interlocutor, I mean her or his face? I think not really. I think people accept this risk in accuracy with playing a kind of a game. You like this minimum of facts and turn on your endless imagination. That’s what modern world scammers use. You are the laboratorian mouse and it is a perfect moment to get you tricked while you’re enjoying your romantic moment.

Thus the number of ripped off increases each year but still the influx of potential clients of any Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies does not stop. However such a snowball with deceived people who lost their money due to such romance manipulations caused big untrust to agencies who do really work against scam. I am curious with this picture and decided to uncover what is going on with one of the big Ukrainian dating agency

As I see they are on the market for about 11-12 years, even more than I am discovering scam problems on the Russian territory. Actually why this place, everyone knows the fact of the greatest popularity Russian and Ukrainian wives foreigners choose for living. As well as the number of desirable dreams scam tricks grow simultaneously. Swindlers use romance and lyric part for luring lonely men from abroad, thus rich one more or less, but taking their money off them.

What is dating control? What does the 3d party proceed with?

I was wondering what if there is no third party on such dating love affairs? No one peeps and interrupts and disturbs you while you have any letters communication or chat in front of a camera.
Any free dating site give no responsibility so if you got scammed no one would fix it or even try to cut off the contacts or verify profiles or at least do something to cheer the victim up. Victim becomes lonely with this disaster and no hopes and helping hand is near. Actually even if you report to police they can do nothing with fake profiles. Usually victims report when it’s too late, therefore scammers used to clear up their traces or at least any evidences of being on the website.

So what usually fee-paid websites provide with?

Such websites as offers you save and secured position, all your personal information is hidden and is not for use for any profit. Besides any exchanging of such data is strictly prohibited to prevent from scam males as well as females. You will not give your email to your woman, you will communicate only with the help of the website till your first meeting on the website. During this period you have a guarantee that your meeting will be proceeded 100%. You will not be ripped off. You will always have any assistance regarding any communication and payment point. And the main thing remember please: the third party would always have a possibility to find and to prove in the database about any scam evidence (due to the system records, letters or video, phone calls and etc.).

Uadreams never gives a shelter to scammers. Those women who tried their scam luck on men members are to be excluded and their profiles to be removed. Besides head department provides special investigation as to the specific case of scam if necessary. But for now Uadreams defensive methods give appropriate result.

Anyway, customers help is a priority, so it is necessary to inform as soon as possible about any hint or a notice involving you to fraud or scam. All you need is to give truthful data, details, scanned, real not forged (as some deceivers do) to the agency.

Uadreams women: scammers or not?

Staff get this question every day million times and no wonder that they are always ready to answer that they are not. If they keep the position of a struggle, they stay against scam every single minute.

All women have to be checked with the documents (Uadreams checks passports in a proper way with marital status and place of living) and profiles on social networks. What is interesting – managers do that regularly, almost each month to prevent from misunderstanding if any lady for example would be engaged or in relationship whatever. If she is using old, non-updated photos. If any of the document provided is missing or gives rise to doubt, this profile is on the term of verifying but not approved to be registered.

Do they give any free bonus for trying the website?

Uadreams membership is for free, you should not have to pay anything. Besides you will be offered some free credits for letters, some minutes for video chat conversation, and photo credits to accept photo in full size from a lady you liked. As you may see there are some photos in the profile but there are also private photos that no one can see but only you can receive it to your computer and in full size. I mean that one that your lady will offer you, for example. So there is a chance to get some perfect pictures, yes :).

What is $6.99 per letter? What does this service include?

If you think you pay for one letter sending only – you are wrong. Here if you purchase 1 email credit you have an opportunity to have your letter translated then sent to the lady, and her reply to be translated and sent back to you included. Thus you pay for two letters at once! Indeed as I see Uadreams provides you with this service very fast, so it depends on lady, she is able to reply you up to 3-5 days due to her schedule. Or even faster if she is available. Besides if you buy Unlimited package for emailing each other you are able to communicate more often for sure.


Mistakes in letters or who is guilty: girl or translator?

This issue derived from the common problem I received messages from different men. They describe the same situation with letters when actually the information has changed or different name contained or some details were missing in response. What is that? Negligence? Scam? Automatic system reply?

For example, men receive responses with the signature:







This is the same name of a one lady but different variations. And this girls does not tricking you, she is trying to be closer to you by giving her first name in form, that means she trusts you. So you should not think that ladies from Uadreams make a mess with the letters.

But there are also problems if such mistakes really happen. For example, if Jonson receives a letter from Alla but this letter is directed to Stevenson. What’s that? Is that a kind of spam mailing or just scammers set on special letters samples for every new member?
Actually no one is perfect and human factor can explain even the worst problems. You know, there is one translator for a lady but if he leaves another one starts his job but sometimes he doesn’t catch all letters carefully and makes a mess with names.
What else I can tell you. Each new suspicious situation you have to analyze with the staff, ask for the proper investigation and discover if that was a lady who made a mistake or the staff itself. Every detail is important. And Uadreams is truly opened to keep the dialogue, so don’t be afraid and I suppose I can encourage you with hope and future love you will find with this website in Ukraine!

If you have any particular questions – you can always write in your comments and it is an honor for me to answer. Thank you for reading.

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  2. Donald

    Do you believe in all that stuff about scams and all? Sometimes I think dating agencies have nothing but copy out scam stories for a matter of typical problems.
    Im in when I focus on my individual lifehack, take for example – , here we have longscroll down about scam types around and obvious mistakes when customers can do under suspicious thinking about scamming. No one believe in honesty. But read this “scamming-honesty” I really do not want some agencies to go bad with their policy and commercial views.

    Indeed it is hard to survive nowadays and I want all businessmen to be straightforward and transparent with their offers and clients as well, I mean there are lots of bastards you know.. Some of them just have requests all the time and they just don’t go over this dating. Simply irritating other all the way.


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