Scam dating sites leave people disappointed

That’s really good if you’ve reserved some savings to catch up with dating things, I mean, modern dating websites who promise you a perfect match. What is interesting, your brother met his love via such a websites, most probably it’s better to act than to sit at home and blame a destiny of being lonely.

And since you’ve registered with a nice profile, you start receiving ten letters per day expressing unbelievable interest, like this:

“Hi, my Man. Supposedly we have lots in common. Would you like to know me closer? By the way, have a look, this is my private photo.”

Sure you are interested to reply immediately. But before doing this you get a pop up message from the system of the website, like this:

Please upgrade your profile to answer this letter. You have 2 variants:

1) To highlight a profile,
2) To get unlimited messaging package.

Getting so far ahead I must admit that you’ll spend more than $20-30 per monthly membership. Supposedly you consider this to be deeply fair and you are waiting impatiently to continue the communication with a girl.

So you send the mail back. And then wait. And again wait. But there is no answer so far. Even if there is someone new who wrote to you, it is clearly enough this contact to be failed and damned.

I like to pursue my statistics according to which dating sites used to shell out their budget for website design to attract customers and their main income is from such fake membership selling. Anyway, those people who did complained, they had already bought such packages and there is no chances to have money back as they received services of sending letters. Sites like Virtual Cupids or whatever create fake profiles, fill them in with interesting information and attractive pictures and lure male members for upgrading their profiles. Thus they receive over $20 per each member at least. Members receive private messages from girls who intend to contact them further, but finally no reply afterwards even in case of purchasing upgrade as females profiles are just a fake. Not real.

Hopefully many people managed to cancel their profiles to prevent scammers from stealing personal information or interesting details about life for using on other websites. In case the procedure of cancelling membership is more than complicated be warned with scammers to contact. Reputable dating sites have an opportunity of free membership and easy cancelling. Even if they have a fee-paid membership.

Be alert about your payments on the website and always contact to support center for invoices or personal documents if necessary.

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