Easy Steps on How to Establish and Enjoy the Relationship with a Russian Woman.

Step 1. Find a Russian or Ukrainian woman

Slavic ladies have special characters and the most beautiful appearence. They are ready to meet foreign men for serious relationship
For this you can:

Go to the countries where they live ‒ Ukraine or Russia.

Visit such countries of the former Soviet Union as Belarus, Estonia or Latvia.

There are large immigrant communities in some places in America, for example, New York and New Jersey. In fact, there is Russian population in any major city, only you should look for these women in the right places. These may be Russian clubs and restaurants. Check Facebook pages of these cities where you will find some information concerning the Russian community.

Register on dating websites. While searching pay attention to such typical Russian names as Olga, Katya, Tanya, Masha or Irina.

How can you know that the woman you have an eye on is a Russian woman? It is not difficult to identify them. First of all, pay attention to their looks:

  • These women try their best to look up to the knocker in any circumstances, so they are usually overdressed.
  • They prefer to wear high heels which make their legs look even greater.
  • They use a lot of makeup and groom their hair.
  • They are tall, slender, blonde and blue-eyed.
  • There are a lot of dark-haired and brown-eyed Russian women as well and they look not less beautiful.
  • They don’t smile at every opportunity but they are kind and have a wonderful sense of humor. Their trust should be earned first.

Pay attention to what they say. As a rule they will tell you where they come from as soon as you start talking to them as they are proud of their origin. If the lady doesn’t mention it, still there may be other hints:

  • She asks you about your plans for the New Year though it is August.
  • She says about her love to her family, her grandmother in particular.
  • She prefers vodka to whisky or tequila or refuses to drink at all.
  • She holds a high opinion of her dad and considers him to be amazing.
  • She talks about her talents.
  • Her family enjoys watching hockey or soccer.
  • She doesn’t approve of something American people do.

Step 2. Make a strong approach

Be confident in everything you do and in your appearance. Even if you don’t feel happy about your life at the moment, try to sound positive. Talk about something you love.

Be capable. It is desirable to have a job which you enjoy and some useful skills, such as fixing things, especially around the house.

Show your sense of humor. A funny story will do. Witty observations are also suitable.

Expose your sensitive side, but just a little. When the right moment comes, tell her about your affection for your grandmother and all the family, for example. Talk about your pet, if you have any. You can show pictures.

Step 3. Show Your Love for Russia/ Ukraine

You should know that Russia and Ukraine are two different countries with their own languages, cultures and customs. But in America Ukrainian immigrants usually introduce themselves as Russians because they once lived in the Soviet Union and spoke the Russian language. So it’s better not to touch upon this issue. It’s so complicated.

Learn their language (Russian or Ukrainian), especially if you seriously intend to date a woman of any of these nationalities. It will help you understand her family. Or at least learn a few phrases ‒ “Kak dela?” (What’s up?), “Krasavitsa” (a beauty), “Ochen priyatno” (Nice to meet you), “Dasvedaniya” or “paka” (goodbye). Use them after some time passes so as not to look corny. Encourage your girl to speak Russian but don’t insist on it. People often ask them to speak their native language, and they may be sick of it.

Grow fond of their cuisine. Russians use sour cream and dill in most dishes. One of them is beet-based soup called borsch. They can’t do without sauerkraut and pickled vegetables, mostly pickles and tomatoes. They never say no to meat. Russians do love salads but with a fair amount of mayo. Learn to love blini and black bread.

Learn their customs and superstitions such as:

Don’t do anything important in a door way or hand anything over the threshold.
Before a journey, sit down for a minute.
If a person steps on your foot (accidentally, of course), you have to step on his or hers, otherwise you will quarrel.
It is bad luck to talk about something bad and to show it on your body.
Never wish a happy birthday before the birthday comes. It also bad luck.

Respect their culture. You needn’t know much about Russian literature, artists, etc., just show your respect.

Step 4. Make her feel special

Take the opportunity to tell her what you like in her and her personality. Go on to compliment her features. Make use of your sense of humor.
Show your interest in her by talking about her hobbies, her job, etc.
Don’t start your acquaintance with too many questions about her native land.
Never mention about your previous girlfriends who were also Russian.
Take her out.
Do gentlemanly things ‒ bring flowers, take her coat, hold a door, etc.

And remember, if you are dating a Russian woman because it is thought to be cool, you are running the risk of hurting her.


  1. HENRY

    Ukrainian or Russian Dating is a matter of chance. Most Online dating services are scams just some of them are real and honest

  2. Jimmy

    Did smbd use the site http://www.uadreams.com/ and talked to girls there? is it real? many hot girls but I’m not sure after all these stories that they are looking for a husband but not for money://

  3. Lapuerto

    Good guide for men))) . My cousine met nice Ukrainian girl online, then they had a date and now live together about 5 months. Russian and Ukrainian women are pretty smart and beautiful.


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