Main signs of fake female profile

Dating scam refers to Malaysia or Nigeria, Russia or Ukraine, Catholic or Orthodox, widowed, professors. If he is scientist – add him a degree. If she is an engineer or pharmaceutical – it’s better to verify all of that accordingly. All those frustrating characteristics have been collected on international scam forums.

International romance scam drops a human to the hole of disaster, being embarrassed with the empty wallet and broken heart. As a rule love scammers act brilliantly giving more results that cause disappointed dating come-down.


Indeed the situation is two-side complicated. Dating business improved the demographic situation however that was the exact reason the scam blown around. However there is one point to be distinguished: scammers from different parts of the world act in the same way thus its easier to detect them with the simultaneous strategy.

We refer to SeekingArrangement and their thought-provoking statistics from the lastest 10 months period they verified fresh profiles. Special software proceed the automatic check taking into account some specific features of the profile: ethnic group, IP address and passwords with the tendency to like by scammers most of all. Afterwards all selected profiles are to be verified manually and are sorted out to ban.

As SeekingArrangement mentioned during 10 months they have banned 60,000 profiles. So each day about 200 profiles are detected as scammers.

So let’s see what is the main criteria of scam to detect.


Normally the great part of scammers are Catholic of course, Ukraine and Russia gives Orthodox influence. So as you noticed religion is the feature they have in common. Thus they use it to seem more trustworthy, so if they mention God that sounds more touching and convincing.

Password choice.

Being deeply religious plays a dirty trick with scammers: they use typical passwords more often that other people do: “godisgood, “lovegod”, “ilovegod”.


Women are the target.

Specifically more than 70% scam profiles indicate they are female users. However according to the SeekingArrangement research a woman above 45 is the most vulnerable victim ready to meet a scammer.


You know, more than 60% profiles indicate their marital status as widowed, strange, isn’t it? Nevertheless that give them an outstanding opportunity to touch the heart of the victim to the bottom.

Academic degree.

Approximately 40% of scam profiles have doctorate and graduate degree. Referring to SeekingArrangement – profiles with no education or high school diploma have been never shown.

Defined races.
We cannot count more than 2% of American Indians of all US population. So scam profiles has the definition “Native” with 35% population, other case shows mixed and other, they try to show something specific and not ordinary to remember.

Places to identify.

More than 25% of scam comes from Malaysia and Nigeria, 22% – from Ukraine, Russia and Philippines. Besides scammers do not hide their origin as their location is to be simply verified. Moreover different websites detect such inconsistencies during registration.


Resourceful jobs.

Wow! Engineers are the most popular! More than 25%. Royalty take the second position and self-employed are the last. Keep in mind that self-employed are the most dangerous as they do not have any corporative data to verify. Royalty are well-grounded and they even are ready for a financial help to anyone in need but please give the personal billing info. As for engineers – well, their mind will involve you into giddy round of pleasures within sophisticated and smart communication.

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