First date: 10 tips for men

So, she said “Yes” and now you need to prepare for your first date. How to do so that it would successful?
Use 10 dating tips to plan your unforgettable first real dating with beloved woman
We have some tips helping you in this:

1. Plan. Find out the exactly place and time of your date. Try to track down a good time and comfortable environment for your talk. Although dates in movies are popular enough, for the very first date it will probably be not so good idea – both of you will only stare at the screen! If the idea of looking at her all night through the table of the restaurant scares you, then it’s better to agree your date together. Even if your girl has nothing in common with you, you might just laugh together over her inability to play mini-Golf or another exciting game.
2. Payment. Even if to pay the bill proposes she, – insist on paying you, especially if you have appointed a date first. As a couple in loves, you’ll be able to define how to share and cover all expenses later. But now – pay the check.
3. More confidence in yourself! She already answered “Yes” – it means that she wishes to date.
4. The clothes in which you can make an impression. You should not put on a suit and tie, going to a local cafe. However it will be very nice if you brush your teeth and put on such shirt that looks unwrinkled.
5. Arrive on time. Be amiable if she would be a little late, as it should be a lady. (At least, try not to show your resentment).
6. Be careful. Try to ask her some interesting questions. Listen to her every answer and try not to forget about nice smiling!
7. Be sure to use the appropriate compliments. The girl most likely, will make many efforts to impress you – ask her some compliments. Remember: avoid endless praise; otherwise it will be too much. Also avoid too sexual comments. Just say: “What beautiful you are ” – and it’ll be the best.
8. Prove to her that chivalry still not dead. Of course – she’s independent, but it does not mean you needn’t to open the door before her.
9. Wish her “good night”. Do not let this evening to end ugly fiasco. Be polite, saying “goodbye”, and do something like the following: shake her hand, hug or kiss her. Just don’t leave her alone in an awkward standing upon termination of your date.
10. Push the matter through. Ignore the “Rule of 3 days”: if you’ve spent a Grand time, you sure to tell her about it just tomorrow, without delay.
As it seems to you, which of the presented tips about first date is the best?

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