Dating sites and cheats on them

It’s sadly but the Internet full of fraudsters. Most of the Dating sites are full of them also and many of them even don’t try to shuffle scammers off. You may ask why? Simply swindlers often look very respectable – they use attractive profiles, high-quality pictures that very impressed many visitors. Our policy is quite different – we specially take measures to shuffle off the malicious scams. Several dozens of suspicious profiles are removed by us every day and yet deceivers take some tricks penetrating through our protective screens. But everything is not so bad – you can help us yourselves in the fight against cheating to make it easier for us to find and delete them.

Scams of today

Any crook may require your money to get to the place of your meeting.

A swindler can send you a lot of messages, you can exchange them for several days or even talk with a deceiver by phone before he will come into your confidence and you decide to meet. So, if someone cheats he just can’t afford a long persuasion. He will offer to meet as soon as possible (more variations: he will ask you to take the bus, plane or train). The fact is that he’ll surely ask you for money to pay him the fare. Be careful sending him some money because you’ll never more hear of him or you can get some justification in order to postpone the trip and urgently to send more money.

Any scam has his own sad history of bad luck and he will surely ask you to help him.

A scam often reports that he or his parents and even children are ill. He can say that he has stuck in a distant country (e. g. Russia, Nigeria) urgently requiring financial help. You can be sorrowfully reported that his money with credit cards and other documents have been lost, stolen: “I was arrested. My lawyer needs rewarding and only then I’ll get leaving from here. Only then we’ll meet with you”.
As usual speculators tell they received an injury and are under treatment now
In addition, speculators report they received an injury and are under treatment now but cannot get quality treatment because they have no money. These people master the art of deception very perfectly. After such processing of consciousness you’ll most likely feel inclined and even the duty (!) to help and urgently send there some money. Ultimately it leads to the fact you believe this might be He (She) – your future beloved man and husband (or wife). Remember – this is just a scamming and nothing more!

A swindler tells you he opens the charitable action and asks for your support.

Do not believe – it’s a trick! Real organizations engaged in charity never exploit Dating sites for receiving donations. Do understand this and do not believe!

A swindler begins to offer money to you.

The swindler says he plans to come to your country or just to your city. He asks you for sending determined money resources in advance to use them on arrival. The scam is going to “trust” you financial checks and later you’ll hand them to him. He can suddenly want you to get him something for that money and then sent it to him back, or the trip suddenly breaks down and he asks you to send all this money back. The fact that the swindler is sending to you some fake Bank check, so you certainly will lose the money that so naively sent to him. Afterwards you may be found guilty of receiving such false invoice. Version 2: the swindler becomes aware you need some money and he offers to take a lot of money on Bank check. Being unable to return the whole amount at once you can fall into the trap and the dependence of the swindler.

The scam still at the very beginning of your communication persistently pushes for your phone number, e-mail address or additional personal data.

A scammer can act under the pretext that he can’t upload a picture to the dating site and wants to send you it by e-mail. The swindler wins that if he can send to someone his photo by e-mail, he also will be able to send his photo for free to the site where it’ll be laid out. He creates a list of e-mails subsequently selling them to different countries and uses them for various fraudulent purposes. For example he gives you his e-mail and urges you to send him photographs of you or even your household. Doing thus you’ll give the attacker an opportunity to get not only your real e-mail but also your pictures. With this arsenal of means he can convince other victims that his intentions are pure and all these individuals are “real”. After that, you’ll never receive from the deceiver any answers because he has already received from you everything he needed.

Classic examples and signs of scam that worth your attention.

The scammer often (and immediately after the acquaintance) asks you for your e-mail address or gives you his own. He wants as soon as possible leave the communication here. Beware he can create a list of e-mail addresses.

The conversationalist has a pathetic history of bad luck which makes you sorry for him, he can ask for money or any assistance and you’ll certainly offer him because you’re “such a sweet and kind man”.

The fraudster uses pictures of photo models from vary sites or magazines.

Such user is in this country but has come to work from another (such as worker on an oil rig and so on). He tells you he lost documents together with the money because of what has been arrested or even wounded, and now he urgently needs money to return home.

The user provides you his money. Usually do so to gain someone’s trust. In this case you’ll get a fake check. When you try to cash out it you’ll get a failure and trouble with the police.

The user from Africa (mostly from Nigeria): large computer centers where specially trained people sit at computers the whole days tricking unsuspecting people. Their proceeds are 100 million dollars! Although the African continent is not connected to the main sites dating services but registrations of these countries still happen.

The user lives in Russia and also in Ukraine. Many agencies there impose on Dating sites around the world a lot of fake profiles. They take photographs of pretty women to deceive people who hope for a serious relationship but the client just entices his money. In addition, you can offer to come to one of these countries for helping to solve some problems of a personal or family matter.

Scams can enable and fraud on credit cards or excessive spending through a child travel Agency. Remember that in this case the photo is only a fake; there is not a real person to which you are applying. All these girls are unreal and you will see this person never in your life (even don’t hope on it). Both Russia and Ukraine are usually not connected to most of the Dating sites, although sometimes these questionnaires are observed.

The user speaks and writes you on poor, broken English. The fact is that many scammers fill out their profile simply through the automatic translator. In this case, their messages and the profile will look very strange. Let’s look at some examples:

1. Questionnaire: “I am a rather pretty girl. My eyes are brown and hair is dark. My height is 168 cm. At home I like to wear frankly sexy underwear. I love to continuously diversify my image but to work my attitude is very strictly. On character I can be strict but at the same time I can be very soft and sweet. I looked through your profile here and I really liked it, let’s get acquainted”.

2. Questionnaire: “I am very humble, God-fearing man. I’ve been searching for a woman that can make me fall in love really. In addition, she needs to be ready to get this done quickly.”

3. Questionnaire: “I always thought that our appearance does not have much value. About myself I can only say that I am quite attractive. I think the most important thing for us is our soul. I love communication and cognition of something entirely new. I have no habit to stop there: I prefer always to go forward, even if there are certain failures in my life “.

“I am looking for person with whom I could create a strong family. No matter how much children will be in our family and whether they will be at all. The most important thing is that people love one another and have never betrayed. It’s very important for me also trust and mutual understanding between people, and also let love between us be true. Not less important that my second half gave himself in love completely, not halfway. Probably I’m looking for such a person who thinks the same with me”.

Scams who do not speak English often poorly aware of what their letters said. Sometimes they write on their profile pages the same story which then is used for mass emailing.

This is demonstrated by the following example (the story is taken from the real profile):

“I’m Tom Borgman, I’m 45 years old, I am a lonely person and live in this country. I saw your profile and I really wanted to make friends with you. I work as a driver and simultaneously have one child. Now I am looking for a woman which appreciates real feelings and serious relationship, although it may be for me just a sincere friend. That’s why I just couldn’t resist knowing you a bit better. I would love to talk with you personally and discuss all the details on; if you’ve got a profile there you can add me also. Thus we will be able to communicate and get acquainted closer. I hope very much for your answer and will look forward to it on this site or offline via my Yahoo. My son once said to me: “Dad, you definitely need someone after so many years of loneliness”… Please, write to me, I’ll wait for your reply. The best wishes, Douglas”.

Another example (which was actually on one of the profiles!):

“Hello, I’m Julia and I work as a cashier. I am interested in your accordion and I would very much like to buy it. I want to tell you about the current conditions of sending it: I don’t mind sending you a check through my shipper. I want you to give me your address, your full name and phone number. For now, hope to hear from you”.

Many scammers just copy their profile from the other people’s real profiles that’s why they look perfect. Often they use photos of girls-models or photographs which were sent them by recently cheated victims.

Often deceivers write flattering letters to the people of their age group, those who pointed on their page that they are alone or recently widowed.
Remember that fraudsters from the start are trying to give people a lot of personal information. This approach enables them to get personal information from you quickly and conveniently. Most often they write in their profiles name and surname so that you trusted them and felt more secure. Of course, they use only common names, for example, “Bob Williams” or “John Smith”. Know that if a person writes in his profile only name – it must be a scam!

Here is an example (fraudulent profile from Nigeria):
“I’m Henry Elvis and live in Tacoma Park (Maryland, USA). I come from Mahe-Victoria on the Seychelles. I graduated from Polytechnic University in Essex (UK). In addition I have a diploma in graphic design from Brooks (Utah, USA). I’m beautiful and very cool guy; I love traveling, swimming and playing football. Besides, I like programming and sitting on the Internet (because that’s my job)”.

Scams often asked you to leave the site and use e-mail or IM because “it will be easier”. Usually they say that on this Dating site they will not communicate and offer to use other ways.
You can get poetic writings by e-mail and often without any meaning; you can be flattered, almost never touching upon the issues or problems that raised yourself. Your comments may simply be ignored; in writing to you they use affectionate names and nicknames, but not your real name. They adhere to the general subject so that then to send the same letter to other people (method a mass mailing).
Dating frauds use e-mail channel for communication and explain it easier way
The scammer sends you an address from another website asking you about the meeting with him already there (think for yourself why if you’re already chatting with him on our free web-site). Also the deceiver may invite you to see him on the web-cam or go to a porn site. Remember that some of these sites are created only to collect the users’ personal information. There you will be offered to enter your e-mail address, credit card number and other information. Later it will end a dangerous virus on your computer.

Scams’ romance.

Romantic fraud occurs when a stranger shows romantic intentions, finding a sincere affection of his victim. After that, he abused the victim’s trust gaining access to her money, credit cards, Bank accounts, documents or e-mail accounts, making on behalf of his victim various financial fraud.
Most of the scams are from Africa, especially from Western (Nigeria), Ghana or Cote d’ivoire. Also lots of such people are in Russia or Ukraine (that’s why these countries are blocked, but some still are registered through various tricks). On the Dating sites scam of this type is extremely common. Even on our site you may get a message to your e-mail from fraud too.

What you should do

The best way to avoid contact with these people is just not to spend your time on them. If on our site you found the scammer – report to us so that we remove him from the site.
Be happy. Let your communication will be secure and your acquaintances on our web site be pleasant. The main thing: by head also and not only by your heart – and everything will be okay.

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  1. Bob

    I’m using the services of UaDreams, my friend advised this agency to me. By the way he was able to find his wife on that site. I like the ladies there! Besides UaDreams follows antiscam policy and they don’t let us exchange personal information until we meet in Ukraine first. Such rules don’t allow the ladies to ask men for money. But as far as I know some agencies sell the contacts of the ladies to their customers and that can be really dangerous. So what can I say, I trust UaDreams as they really care about your safety.

  2. Kevin

    I am a member of several online dating agencies, the one of them is UaDreams by the way (a good one I should say). I think the ladies there are all beatiful. To say the truth all Ukrainian ladies are beautiful and it’s really unfair to say that men shouldn’t look for a beautiful wife only because those ladies are considered to be scammers, cheaters etc. Also it’s unfair to think that if a lady is beautiful, then she doesn’t have sincere intentions to find a husband from abroad. UaDreams ladies are honest, I really believe them and can say that from my own experience.

  3. Corwin

    Men! Stop being naive and open your eyes! Don’t look for a wife on dating sites as it’s really dangerous for you and your wallet 🙂

  4. John

    I respectfully disagree with you. The ladies are real, they just have various intentions, some of them really wish to find love and some of them just wanna make money.

  5. Tony

    To my mind men who are members on dating sites should be really careful and simply be aware that the ladies may be cheaters. And vice versa by the way 🙂

  6. Rob

    If a girl writes you first, it doesn’t mean she’s a scammer. She’s just brave, serious and confident 🙂

  7. Peter

    The girls on online dating sites are not real. Such sites are scam. It’s a good business for making money, that’s it.


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