Best ways to protect yourselves when dealing with women-deceivers.

Hoping to find through the Internet a good and reliable companion of life, avoid losing your head, please. Read more about people’s characters and study them in practice. And the most important – always stand firmly on your both feet. Lots of men, seeing on some dating site a beautiful girl, feel them in a real knockout; they want getting into it themselves. They imagine themselves in the arms of a beautiful Russian lady and completely lose their self-control. However, we must to warn: beautiful girls often carry a great danger for your wallet.

You cannot look at the world through rose-colored glasses, especially if this young and pretty woman lives in the really hard and cynical world which is called Russia. Of course, we exaggerate a bit and over-color; yet you must remember that people of fraudulent mind can use very convincing arguments when they communicating and convincing someone in their full reliability not stopping even before very dirty deeds. Men may not like our words, but they often behave with children’s naivety in those moments of real danger when they should be extremely careful.
Using convenient arguments the scammers persuade men send money for dating with fake women

Read our articles as a guide to action for online dating.

We often get letters from people who are related with suspicion to their correspondence with Russian girls. When we ask to give more details about the progress of the correspondence and they provide us with copies of the letters, we can detect cases of fraud quite easily. Some people even write entire blogs specially publishing excerpts from real letters on dating sites and helping people to pinpoint possible scams.

All messages from people deceiving unsuspecting customers differ by style, but at the same time all of them are very similar in meaning and form. You also must learn to distinguish as namely do people with sincere intentions write and how do scammers write that are looking for only benefit. If you read our articles carefully, you’ll become a true master of anti-spam and really prepare yourself for secure communication in the world of online dating.

Ask your girl why she likes namely you and what does she want really.

Thus question is extremely important because it can accurately answer if she says sincerely and whether to continue communication with her. And it’s very important here to be able to read letters “between the lines”. This ability is especially important if there is many years difference in age, but her response is important and in other cases when you suddenly have suspicions about her real thoughts. A good sign is when she’s writing namely about you, rarely mentioning your country.

If you are over 45 years old and she’s only 24 (in addition she’s really beautiful) you should never believe her response that you’re very attractive, especially if you already have a small stomach or smoke a lot. Please, be honest before yourself. If the girl you are corresponding with loves you sincerely (it’s also possible) then she must no offense tell you honestly WHY you’re so attracted to her, because you must agree it should be the realistic and clear reason for that.

Be interested in her personal data.

Communicating with a woman on the Internet be interested in her personal life, her family, her friends and work; ask her exact post address or at least a phone number, ask her birthday, and all you can really check. People who cheat do not like to give any personal information revealing their true intentions. They know very well that such information is easy to check. Even if a woman gives you personal information but you still doubt the honesty of her intentions – just do the test. If your Internet-friend is honest she will not object to such a check, you’ll sigh with relief if the test result is positive.

Carefully check if she gives specific answers to your specific questions.

Be communicating with your lady on a dating site ask her specific and clear questions; carefully check if she gives you concrete and clear answers. If people try to cheat they correspond NOT ONLY with you. Most often, they use prepared texts in which something repeats again even after a few letters. The same sample text fraudsters use to communicate with other people. Yes, some of the answers may be repeated as a response to your questions; it’s important to analyze how namely do they write their answers to PERSONAL questions, how is their English good. The fact is that scammers often use automatic translation, little fathoming into real English grammar.
Pay attention to style of language in the dating correspondence. Automatic created letters — the first sign of scam!

The girl often moves the conversation to the financial topic.

It depends on how she starts talking about money and it’s very important not to become a paranoid. Note also that stage of relationships where you are NOW. If your relationship has developed greatly and you fully trust each other, if you don’t mind material support then that’s quite different matter. For example, you want to help her to come to your place, wish to start the immigration process for her and so on. Such phenomena are NORMAL if your woman has certain financial difficulties. We only want to bring you the idea to be careful and give you comprehensive recommendations on how to avoid fraud.

Financial difficulties for people — it's normal. Never send money to the woman before you'll meet her in real life.The main rule that you need to know: never send the girl a single dollar until you meet her in person! Deceivers are extremely convincing describing their financial difficulties. Such interlocutor may begin to ask even a few dollars (for example, to pay for the Internet), gradually increasing her financial appetites. Go to her, meet and see if you and your woman have really the most serious intentions. After this trip you will meet, get to know each other personally; usually after such trip the risk of deception sharply decreases (almost to zero) than when you talk just by correspondence.

How to prepare better for the first meeting with your lady.

So, you decided to go to your beloved’s country to learn her better. In your way you are the only person who will control all the expenses for visa, tickets, hotel bookings and more. All such preparations should control only you; never allow them to other people (including your girl) and do not send her any money. Believe us, going to her country isn’t so difficult, you just need apply to some official travel agency and it will do everything for you. Note, if a woman starts talking about money transfer BEFORE your actual meeting then DON’T do anything at all.

Further, she can start to write you about her sick parents or that that she’s hungry and hasn’t enough money on food for her family. You should NOT respond to such tricks: in 99% of cases it’s pure fraud. Why are we so sure? Simply we conducted numerous surveys among Russian women of different professions and lifestyles. All these ladies answered us that they would never write or discuss on the phone about so personal problems; only scammers affecting on your emotions do so. Even if your girl is writing you the whole truth and her circumstances are really so bad, you can always help her during your personal meeting, seeing everything by your own eyes.

Know that Russian women retain pride even in really harsh living conditions. Of course if you are almost married with her, living together and she wanted to help somehow her family, then it’s quite another matter. But don’t accept any financial help until you meet her personally and see everything yourself. We simply sure that visiting her country and her personally, for several weeks it can be done 100% conclusion regarding the seriousness of her intentions and founded out whether she’s really a reliable woman who actually costs linking your fate with. When you first meet, the woman should give you the answer if you should continue the relationship; and then you’ll understand whether you should do the next step.

Even continue to doubt after you arrive home after your first meeting, you shouldn’t send money all the more, even after her requests about it. If you both came to the conclusion that for testing and deepening your relations you need a second visit then go to her again. The truth is that much easier for you to go there, to her country (and much cheaper) than to help her with coming to you (simply getting a visa is VERY hard). If your interlocutor has really fraudulent intentions and she’ll clearly understand you have no intention to give her any money she soon will break your relationship herself.

Real scams have no time on long keeping themselves in a relationship with someone who has understood something and will not send her any money; she just starts looking for another victim. You should know and teach your friends (also looking for love on the Internet) that scammers try to swindle money in the shortest possible time. If they cannot do so, then they quickly shirk aside, because of they fear the risk of being exposed. The fact is that in the Russian Federation the police (together with other authorities) fight against such criminal activity very tough.

How to protect yourself from fraudulent agencies and avoid deception.

Each agency involved in online dating offers many kinds of paid services. You should know that there are different services applying for which it’s better to be cautious. First of all, we want to explain to you what kinds of fraud or false information there are, including an outright lie.

Reliable agencies.

Actually most agencies are still reliable and women in their databases are completely real too. Moreover, the bases regularly update and verified by the agencies. True agencies in their survey asked women lots of concrete questions before they post women’s profiles on their sites. In this case, you can be sure that all present ladies have the most serious and sincere intentions for acquaintance and a meeting with you. Reliable agencies necessarily offer a number of additional services such as girl’s phone, sending your mail address to her or various other gifts and things.
Don't miss a chance to communicate with your girl via dating chat, phone calls or dating tour via the agency
Such agencies often offer even full tour packages with all papers registration. Everywhere all of them have different prices so you need going to several together so that to find the most advantageous offer. If you managed to meet a beautiful woman on the website of any agency, such as, but you have some suspicions that this lady is strange, immediately put their concerns to the company. Believe us, you will always be provided by all necessary assistance and they surely check all the information. In our appropriate section you can find a list of fully trusted sites and agencies.

Suspicious or malicious agencies.

Establishments of this kind are different by a pernicious habit to keep the client as long as possible to get more money from him. Usually they have the prices for such services too overpriced if you compare the cost of services from professional agencies. In addition, unreliable institutions allow fraudsters easily publish their profiles in the directory. Besides, they may claim the money for translation of your letters; and if you do not pay they will not allow you to communicate with a woman you like.

In one word, they will try to take money from you for something that you absolutely don’t need. Also such agencies like to change the meaning of your letters if you send them through the service of such agency. The same they make with the letters of your girl written to you. Why do they so? Just in this way they try to keep both of you for as long as possible. To see the list of fraudulent agencies visit our “black list”. Except us lists of fake dating sites are often publishing in the Internet.

Completely false agencies.

These “guys” are really malicious because they can create very complex sites look like very real and professional agencies on which pages you’ll find really beautiful women. The trouble is that they don’t sell anything: all women’s photos are taken from different magazines or simply stolen in some real estate agency; however, all of these girls were not going to get acquainted with anyone. These establishments almost ALWAYS ask their customers for money on almost everything, and they always have an excuse for your sharp and direct questions about their services.

And yet, if you’ve met the woman who had found on such site before, she won’t begin to ask the money; however, she doesn’t need getting to know you because she her own life. Now let’s talk about how agencies of this kind do their money and we’ll reveal a “kitchen” of their success. So-called “managers” are trying hard to convince you that your girlfriend is poor and needs help such as paying Internet, telephone conversations, for a visa to the USA (you already know that this isn’t possible) and registration of vary documents. Usually you are politely asked to help her with all these. It isn’t difficult to recognize these criminal organizations if you find the “black list” of such marriage sites and read our recommendations carefully.

As to protect yourself from agencies-cheaters for sure.

To have reliable protection, you can do a few things. First of all, visit the selected agency and try to find out more about it, read the section “About us”. The next step is to find out whether the owners of this company registered it as the agency dating or do they use some mail address. Find out more about the services of the organization, what are their selection criteria for candidates to publish them in its own database. Feel free, if you ask the site owner or his contact persons specific questions related to their agency; it will be perfectly normal.

Maybe they have working anti fraud program and there is a portal banner placed on this topic. Then ask them how namely they prevent possible cases of fraud on their website. Note they can lead their own policies of protecting against fraud; just ask them. It may happen that you’ll find the same photo of attractive girls committed on different dating sites. Do not think at once that there’s a lie everywhere; it may simply be a manifestation of the fact that this particular website is included in the extensive network of large dating agency.

In such cases, sites offer the ability to regulate their home page making it in a colorful style; however, the girls from the pages of such sites are often repeated. Known network organizations such as offer their network in the use of the other related sites. Network agency which we have mentioned here belongs to the category of “fully trusted”. If you are specifically looking for the agency of acquaintances, which you can really trust to, follow our recommendations and visit their pages.

Just realism when choosing Russian girl.

We want to give you here an important warning: be realistic looking for a life partner, do not looking for a woman only by her beautiful photo. Please, carefully read her profile, her occupation and hobbies, everything that she likes or doesn’t like and what she herself expects from men. Remember that beautiful photo and great sexy clothes are just a way to compete with other female rivals, but these ladies are not reckless and thoughtless at all!

Carefully check the woman you’ve chosen.

Even if you go to a trusted agency, there is always a small chance that some girl will be not such what you imagine her. In addition, you may think “it’s too beautiful for truth”. Even if the agency requires from its women to specify exactly full personal information (name, surname, date of birth, postal address, telephone, etc.) it may be quite wrong or her intentions will be totally different than she’d claimed before.

If you’ve managed to establish contact with a cute Russian girl you liked very much but the most important thing that she’s liked you too, then it’s necessary to think how to make check of the reliability for all the information which she had provided herself. Check so that she couldn’t learn about it or your relationships can be fully destroyed. The best way will be contacting with an experienced Russian lawyer. Making the test involves a number of personal details, such as:

• The true name and surname of the girl
• Her true residential address
• The true date of birth and her age respectively
• Her telephone number, if she has it
• Is she married or not
• The place of her work and occupation
• Does the girl have any children and how much

This service is not very expensive (usually less than 150 dollars); a professional lawyer will check all public documents and give you the exact information about the veracity of all your girl’s personal information. No, doing such a test is not ashamed! Many men did it before you that helped them to prevent many deep disappointments and saved them a lot of money.

Some final words.

If you’ve already got acquainted with a pretty girl on one of the dating sites, re-read this article carefully and keep it in your memory. Always try to save the practicality and common sense. If you have any doubts, concerning women or services of the agency, simply consult with the knowledgeable persons or write to us. We’ll try to give you recommendations at all stages of your relationship with the chosen woman until you meet in your or her country. Of course, if our information about the scammers is not enough for you, you can always find it somewhere else.

We realize very well that it’s impossible to cover all cases of fraud that happen on numerous dating sites; and the same impossible is giving warnings about each of them. So, we’ve gave you a lot of detailed information on how to communicate with Russian ladies and marry them, clearly distinguishing scammers. This information, provided by us, can get a great help for you. We strongly recommend you carefully read the entire article before making any decisions.

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  1. Brad

    Not all beautiful ladies are interested in men’s wallet. It’s just a pattern. To know lady’s character you should meet her in real life and spend some time with her. You can know her better in such a way only. As she can write in letters everything she wants and during a real meeting you will watch her behavior, how she looks and acts in real life.

  2. William

    I noticed one thing, if girl is not sure about something or she’s in high doubts about something, she will not hide it from you. Nothing will ever come over you. You can always discuss and receive clear and honest reply. I appreciate it a lot. I never met any girl who lied to me on uadreams website. Also I’ve been rejected many times, I consider this as a good sign, it means that girls have serious intentions as to their future soul mate and they do not waste any time. So I wish everyone have a good luck, never give up and keep searching for your beloved one.


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